Best friends forever''; Mixed media photocollage 2022



Max Ernst

‘It is not the glue that makes the collage and neither it is the cutting. But the act of dividing existing images, text, paper, is often the starting point of a collage piece.’


Joseph Cornell

‘An attempt to preserve memory through intense accumulation of objects and ephemera that speak to the artist’


I'm a collage maker, painter and mixed media artist living in Antwerp, Belgium.

 As a collector of vintage keepsakes I'm emotionally attached and connected to pieces that tell a story from the past. Sometimes about my family story, but more often other peoples stories.

Looking at old photo’s I see faces, the surroundings, beauty and decay. A moment frozen in time. It is the story behind the photo that I like to know, phantasize about and make up a new tale. New memories, my stories.

My photo collages are these new stories. Visual narratives made of paper remnants connecting to another time.