2022    4 mini collages on Post Its; Group Exhibition, Coupee Collage                 Collective; Instagram Open Call for World Collage Day 2022;

             @De Krook Library, Ghent, Belgium

2021    Paintings made during the first Corona 

             Lockdown;  4x Anders (4x Different); Group Exhibition

             @Gallerie Rivierenhof, Antwerp

2019    Expressive landscapes of Northumberland and the Lake                           District; Collage paintings. Solo exhibition;

             @Conscience20 Gallerie, Antwerp

2019    Collage 'Groeten uit Schaesberg'; Collage of the  Mining                           District in Limburg, The Netherlands; Group Exhibition; World                   Collage Atlas, Coupee Collage Collective;

             @Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke, Belgium

2018   Selected. Methaphore Installation of collages; Group                                 exhibition. Viewmaster,

             @Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp

2018    Methaphore Installation of Collages; Groups exhibition Art                       school Antwerp  (Academie Berchem);

             @Campo &Campo, Antwerp                        

2015   'The Memory of the landscape', 4 paintings

             Group Exhibition Art School Antwerp (Academie Berchem)

             @ Campo & Campo, Antwerp

2014    'De Stroom', collage painting; selected for group exhibition

              'Dag van de DKO' annual exhibition of all Art schools of                             Antwerp

2012   Solo Exhibition of my paintings and collages

             @Stella Polaris, Ravenstein, Netherlands

2010    Collage Book, Selected for the Annual Student Exhibition                         @Glassell School of Art Houston, Texas

2010   'Visual Poems of my Menopause'  25 Mixed media paintings,                    Solo Exhibition

              @Glassell School of Art, Houston, Texas

2005    'Egg shells' mixed media painting; Seleced for the Annual                         Student Exhibition

             @ Glassel School of Art, Houston, Texas

2003   Mixed Media Paintings;  solo exhibition

             @ CHART Art Studio, Houston, Texas




No. 12 Visual Poems of my Menopause 2010